Inside Flow 50 hrs Teacher Training  with Young Ho Kim
26/9-2/10 2022
Inside Flow concert 2/10

Due to the previous COVID Situation, we needed to reschedule parts of the year 2022. This affected several dates, amongst them Sweden. We have finalized the new schedule. We believe that this change is safer and more convenient for everyone and look forward to see you in September. 

For the first time, Young Ho Kim, my teacher, and the founder of Inside Flow is coming to Stockholm, Sweden!


Inside Flow

Inside Flow is an evolution of vinyasa flow practice. It is a choreography of asanas practiced to the rhythm of a song. The music is central in Inside Flow rather than something played in the background. Each class is designed to flow with modern music. The choreography is perfectly sequenced flow to a special song. Bit by bit it is introduced, to the beat, in segments with the grand finale of putting it all together in a seamless flow to the chosen song. 

The sequencing is creative, focusing on an ever going flow teaching you to focus on graceful transitions and moving mindfully.  

It is a practice that is loved all around the world with a huge community

constantly growing.

Welcome to a fun, challenging and highly rewarding training!


50 hours certification


- Creating harmonious unity between breath and movement to deepen our understanding of yoga asanas.

- Constructing and articulating strong intelligent sequencing. 

- Diving deep into the special technique of Inside Flow and fully understanding the specific flows, transitions and pace.

- Establishing rhythm and pace while teaching.

- Designing playlists for an Inside Flow class & connecting the sequence to a deeper intention.

- Learning functional breathing techniques.

The training will be a total of 50-hours led by Young Ho Kim. 

36 hours are in-person lessons with 14 hours non-contact assignments, group work and post-training actions.  

Six days of training and including an Inside Flow concert on the seventh day learning multiple flows together!

Daily schedule 26/9- 1/10: 

Monday through Saturday 10:00-17:00.

Inside Flow concert 2/10, Sunday 11:00-16:00. 

Location for the training:

YogaShakti, Högbergsgatan 30 A. Mats, changing rooms and showers available. 

Location for the concert: AHouse, Östermalmsgatan 26A.

Bring your own mat!


Training price & booking

YogaShakti, Högbergsgatan 30A, Stockholm

50 hours training including concert

Early-bird pricing now available through the month of March!

14 900 sek including VAT March sign ups!

Full price: 15 900 SEK including VAT. 

Book your spot

- Click on the button below and send me your full name and adress.

- Specify if you want to attend the training or only the concert.

- If you do not recieve an invoice within three working days please contact us again!


Inside Flow Concert
- open to all

October 2nd 2022 11:00 – 16:00

AHouse, Östermalmsgatan 26A, 114 26 Stockholm

The concert as mentioned is part of the training. But it is also an event for those of you who can't make it for the training! A great way to experience Inside Flow, teachers and students mixed, flowing together all day!

Join us on this unique day with Young Ho Kim and practice several flows! We will practice together in the cool space AHouse! 

Expect to have lots of fun, be challenged, moved, inspired and sweat! 

Price including VAT: 990 SEK

Book your spot

- Click on the button below and send me your full name and adress.

- Specify that you want to attend the concert.

- If you do not recieve an invoice within three working days please contact us again!

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Young Ho Kim

Young Ho was born in South Korea and moved to Germany as a teenager. From an impressive career in Martial Arts, he fell in love with yoga. Though he learned many styles from various teachers, he struggled to find a sense of belonging. His insight was to blend all of his knowledge to create a fusion that created his own style of yoga.

Young Ho has since established the most renowned studio in Germany: Inside Yoga based in Frankfurt.

His non-dogmatic approach to Yoga blends with the simplicity of Zen Buddhism, with his down-to-earth style of teaching inspiring yogis and yoginis all across Europe and Asia. Young Ho truly believes in evolution and is always seeking for improvement.

Instagram: @ insideyogaofficial



What is your refund policy?

You can cancel your booking within 14 days. 

After that you can cancel your booking of the training/concert up till a month prior to the start of the training/concert. We charge a 10% adminstration fee for cancellations. 

Concerning COVID we will follow local recommendations and postpone the training and/or the concert if necessary. If the training/concert needs to be cancelled you will recieve a full refund. 

Do I need to have an advanced physical practice?

Not at all! You don't need to be able to handstand or armbalance. A regular physical practice is enough. It's called a training because you are there to learn. You are in good hands.

Do I need to be a yoga teacher to take this training?

No the training is open to all but it helps to have a training and/or experience of a physical yoga practice and of course practice Inside Flow.

Where can I stay In Stockholm if I don't live here?

The training is located at Högbergsgatan 30A. Close to subway stations Slussen & Medborgarplatsen.

If you want to stay within walking distance choose a place close to these stops. Busses and subways run all the time if you prefer to stay further away or outside the city center. 

Stockholm public transportation

We do not provide package deals.  

Scandic Malmen

5 minute walk

Hotell Skeppsbron

15 minute walk

Acco Hostel

20 minute walk/or one subway stop



Eva Smoczynska


If you want to practice Inside Flow in Stockholm welcome to: