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For the second time in Sweden, I am proud to host a teacher training and support the Swedish community of Inside Flow lovers! Dive into the transformative power of Inside Flow with our 50 hour Teacher Training (50 TRC), a comprehensive training designed to deepen your practice and teaching skills. 6-12 January 2025 in Stockholm, Sweden with senior teacher Nicki Vellick & pro teacher Ami Norton. 

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JANUARY 6-12, 2025

Monday through Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00.

Also make some time for studies in the evenings for individual & group work. 

Optional: Make time to join us for some fun activities on Sunday 5/1, Wednesday afternoon and exam celebration Sunday evening. More information about this will be released in the fall of 2025. 

Venue: Kühlers Dansskola, Tegnérlunden 6, 113 59 Stockholm. Note: Please bring your own mat.

Led by: Nicki Vellick (Monday to Wednesday) and Ami Norton (Thursday to Sunday).

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Inside Flow is a vibrant evolution of the Vinyasa Flow tradition, reimagined as a rhythm-infused choreography of asanas that align harmoniously with the beat of music. This innovative practice introduces sequences timed impeccably to the rhythm of the music. The class reaches its peak in the end in a grand finale, where all pieces of the sequence are seamlessly integrated into one continuous flow, perfectly created to  a specially selected song. The sequencing is creatively designed to ensure an endless flow, encouraging practitioners to focus on fluid transitions and move with mindfulness and elegance.

Adored across the globe, Inside Flow boasts a vast and ever-expanding community of enthusiasts. Its widespread popularity stems from the practice's unique blend of challenge, enjoyment, and love of music.

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Join us for an immersive journey that marries the essence of breath and music with movement, crafting a harmonious unity. This is your opportunity to explore Inside Flow, under the guidance of esteemed senior teacher Nicki Vellick and pro teacher Ami Norton.


  • Creating harmonious unity between breath and movement to deepen our understanding of yoga asanas. A key component of creating flow state. 

  •  Constructing and articulating strong intelligent sequencing. Learn what makes Inside Flow sequencing and transitions so special and fluid. 

  • Learn about looping and how to do great build-ups. 

  • Establishing rhythm and pace while teaching. You learn to analyze a song: What is the verse, the chorus and the bridge. We look at the science behind music and strengthen your ability to hear the beat and practice moving and leading on beat. 

  • Designing playlists for an Inside Flow class & connecting the sequence to a deeper intention and storytelling.

  • Build confidence as an Inside Flow practitioner and teacher. 

  • For Inside Flow teachers: get feed-back on your own flow in Flow Factory!

  • Learn several new flows and  immerse yourself in training during a whole week. 

Senior teacher Nicki Vellick's journey with Inside Flow began in 2007, taking a training with Young Ho Kim just as he had created it, which has since blossomed into 16 years of dedicated teaching. Nicki is leading teacher trainings in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Pro teacher Ami Norton, completed her teacher training at Young Ho Kim's Inside Yoga Studio in 2015ad has extensive experience of teaching globally. Ami is leading workshops and teacher trainings across Europe and Asia.

This training includes seven full-day in-person lessons, complemented by non-contact assignments and group work, totaling 50 hours. Whether you're looking to deepen your own practice or aspire to inspire others as a teacher, this certification will equip you with the knowledge, technique, and confidence to transform your yoga journey and teaching skills.


After successfully completing the teacher training and passing the teaching examination, you'll receive the Inside Flow 50hr certification.

Inside Flow is a registered trademark and after you get your certificate you are part of our growing community of teachers. Consequently, individuals looking to instruct Inside Flow must register at (annual license fee of 108€). 

If you're already teaching Inside Flow: You can add your newly acquired 50 TRC hours to your profile on the teacher's portal.

Upon registering and obtaining your license, you'll be authorized to conduct Inside Flow classes. You will be able to connect to the whole global community and share flows! To get acquainted with the various levels and perks, visit

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Nicki Vellick brings to the mat nearly two decades of rich and varied yoga experience, with her roots deeply planted in the early days of Inside Flow's inception by founder Young Ho Kim. Based in the heart of Graz, Austria, her studio YOGALIFE has become a beacon of yoga education, reflecting her deep commitment to the practice. Her journey with Inside Flow began in 2007, taking a training with Young Ho Kim just as he had created it, which has since blossomed into 16 years of dedicated teaching.

Nicki's credentials are impressive, encompassing an E RYT 500 certification in Inside Yoga, a senior teacher status in Inside Flow (alongside specializations as a prenatal yoga teacher and Positive Birth coach). Her approach to Inside Flow is unique; she crafts movements that are accessible yet profound, allowing students to focus on the heart's message through captivating storytelling, a hallmark of her classes. Nicki's belief in yoga's potential extends beyond the mat, advocating for a lifestyle of compassion and mindfulness. Her teaching style is a creative fusion, grounded in Inside Yoga principles, enriched with musicality, and occasionally, the strum of her Ukulele, blending traditional and modern elements for a holistic yoga experience.

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Ami Norton's yoga journey began in 2006, at the university in England, marking the start of a lifelong passion. After moving to Frankfurt and experiencing her first Inside Yoga class, Ami found a new dimension of practice that resonated deeply with her. This led her to complete her teacher training at Young Ho Kim's Inside Yoga Studio in 2015, followed by advanced studies in Inside Flow, Yin Yoga, Personal Training, Yoga & Psychology, and Chromatic Yoga. Today, she is an Inside Flow Pro Teacher, Ami is a vibrant part of the global yoga community, teaching weekly classes in Frankfurt, engaging with her online followers, and leading workshops and teacher trainings across Europe and Asia.

Music and dance are the soul of Ami’s teaching, shaping a style that is both fluid and expressive. She aims to create a space where students can forge a deep, conscious connection with themselves, navigating through creative sequences with grace. Known for her sentimental and dance-like Inside Flows, Ami also brings empowering and joyful elements into her classes, igniting the inner fire and celebrating the joy of movement. Her expertise in sequencing and mood creation makes her classes an unforgettable experience.

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First 1-5 spots: 11 900 SEK  SOLD OUT!

Additional 6-15 spots: 13 900 SEK

Standard price: 15 900 SEK

All prices include VAT.

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Frequently asked questions. Don't see your question answered? Send it to and I'll be happy to help!

Inside Flow TT: Vanliga frågor


For everyone who loves to flow, whether you're a student or a teacher, every Inside Flow training brings something special.  Continuous learning is key in the Inside Flow community because we're always evolving. Our trainings include a variety of participants: Inside Flow teachers, experienced yogis, and beginners. No matter where you are in your journey, there’s much to learn. Welcome!


Not at all! You don't need to be able to handstand or do the splits. It's called a training because you are there to learn. You are in good hands. A regular physical practice is recommended as you will flow everyday.


No the training is open to both teachers and students.


Prior attendance of Inside Flow classes is highly recommended as this will give you a solid understanding of the practice and its unique flow. Attending classes beforehand will help you get the most out of the training. Classes can be taken online or offline.


If you want to stay within walking distance search for places close to Tegnérlunden 6 through For example:
Best Western Hotel Bentleys
Queen's Hotel by First Hotels 
Miss Clara by Nobis, Stockholm


No. The dance studio is nearby several restaurants and there is a micro-wave and lounge in the studio that you can use.


In the event of illness/accident you can be reimbursed 80%. You need to send in a medical certificate before the start of training. 20% processing costs will be charged. Cancellation must be made in writing before the start of the training to

Cancellations after the start of the training cannot be taken into account.

If the training is cancelled for any reason, you will get a full refund. 

By registering for this commitment, you agree to these terms. Please make sure you are ready!


Vi försäkrar dig om att även med grundläggande engelska kommer du att klara dig utmärkt. Eva kommer att vara närvarande under hela utbildningen för att assistera med översättningar vid behov. Du kommer att förstå mer än nog, eftersom Inside Flow erfars fysiskt genom rörelser och genom att lyssna till takten. Efter avslutad utbildning står det dig fritt att välja på vilket språk du önskar undervisa.

Embark on this journey with us and redefine your practice and teaching.  Welcome to our 50-hour Inside Flow Teacher training (50 TRC) January 6-12th 2025!

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Eva Smoczynska

As Sweden's official Inside Flow ambassador, my journey began in 2019 with a training led by the founder, Young Ho Kim. Since that pivotal moment, I've participated in additional trainings and summits, earning the title of Junior Teacher and sharing my knowledge in Stockholm. Notably, in September 2023, I had the honor of hosting Sweden's inaugural Inside Flow training with Young Ho Kim himself.

I organize teacher trainings, immersions, and workshops across Sweden, collaborating with senior and pro teachers. If you're interested in bringing an event to your city, I'd love to hear from you!

My passion lies in moving to the rhythm, mastering the unique sequencing of Inside Flow, and witnessing its transformative impact on students globally. Being part of this vast international community is incredibly fulfilling, and I'm committed to fostering the growth of the Swedish Inside Flow community alongside YOU.

If you have any questions or wish to connect, please don't hesitate to reach out at Let's grow together!

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Eva Smoczynska
Stockholm, Sverige

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