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Varmt välkommen! Här kan du läsa om kommande workshops och specialklasser

för att fördjupa din yoga. 

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Inside Flow

Warm welcome to dive deeper into the wonderful practice that is Inside Flow.

In Inside Flow we move to the beat of music, one breath one movement through the whole practice. There is a tailored sequence to a specific song that you will be introduced to part by part and in the end we flow through the song, together, without stopping. Each transition connecting breath, music and movement.

WS 1 Friday May 5th, kl.17.45-19.45
In the first workshop we will move to a new easy flow and cover:
Principles of movement, music and breath in Inside Flow.
Alignment breakdown of spinal waves, peak poses and transitions.
How to find ease through stability.

This workshop suits anyone that is familiar with Vinyasa style yoga, that loves music

and wants to learn more about Inside Flow.

WS 2 Friday May 12th kl.18.30-20.30
We dive deeper, repeat briefly what we learned in ws 1 and do a more complex flow.
We will cover alignment and tips for peak poses.
How to find stability and move gracefully through transitions.

Each workshop will be followed by Info Talk about the Inside Flow Teacher Training in September!

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Workshops: Text

 ‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’

Benjamin Franklin

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