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Varmt välkommen! Här kan du läsa om kommande workshops och specialklasser

för att fördjupa din yoga. 

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Inside Flow

This three week mini course is for all you Inside Flow lovers and those who are curious and haven’t yet had the chance to try it. Dive deeper into this wonderful style and get some juicy tools to understand the practice better. All levels welcome!

14:00- 16:00
11 FEB Introduction to Inside Flow

Never tried Inside Flow? Wonder if it’s too hard? Excited to try something new? This workshop is for you. Also for all you nerds who are curious about everything Inside Flow and would love to cover some basics. How to count beats in songs, how to connect beat, breath and flow. Basic transitions and easy flowing.

14:00- 16:00
18 & 25 FEB Dive deeper.

We explore an Inside Flow sequence and break it down step by step. Let’s explore transitions and asanas that are typical for Inside Flow. We will cover how you can adjust them and flow with more ease.

We will cover:

  • Principles of Inside Flow

  • Counting the beats

  • Structure of songs

  • Alignment breakdown

  • How to find your flow

1 x Introduction to Inside Flow: 300 SEK
2 x Dive Deeper: 750 SEK
3 x 900 SEK

Dive Deeper covers the same flow in depth. The two classes build on each other and are bought as a package experience.

If you want all the good stuff and don’t want to miss anything enjoy all three sizzling classes for only 900 SEK!

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 ‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’

Benjamin Franklin

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